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the song was hot, but the kick needs to be more pronounced, it's not deep and loud enough.

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Reachground responds:

My mixing skills are horrible. I'd like to learn more but it's so boring!

pretty chill

I like it, it's jus something id bump while high. I don't really have much advice for you, peace.


I'd appreciate reviews for my songs to anyone that reads this.

I like this

If you don't know the best genre to put it in, you should put it in R&B. To me, I see it as experimental R&B. I think you should make the drums a little more pronounced. That's all I can think of right now, but if i listened to the song 5 times I could probably think of more advice.

I'd appreciate it if you dropped a few reviews on my submissions, tanx.

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Shamukh responds:

Not sure what you mean by pronounced, rofl. I guess I'll put this in r&b, I don't really think that's where it fits, but I'll take your word for it.

Thanks for the review man! I'll see to dropping you a review or two. :)


doesn't sound urban enough. You need more car and truck sounds and maybe the sounds of a subway underneath you. Another thing would be maybe a mass of footsteps from pedestrians and the laughing or cursing of people because they were suddenly caught in a downpour lol. Also, the heavy drops needs to be fixed.

Rig responds:

Well, yeah. I only used sounds that were recorded in my apartment, though. It's not meant to be a TRUE representation of a downpour - it's more like an abstraction. :)

ill give an 8

I can see 50 cent making up some shitty lyrics and making a music vid with girls shaking their asses to this, but it's repetitive and instead of just putting hip hop loop 2, give it a name something that you think would go with it, it gives the song some soul and if you have the right name, u could imagine it being sang in the song, such as my song, "Money in my Sock". You can imagine the words Money in my Sock being uttered as you listen to it. LOLZ

flashmac responds:

Haha 50 cent making some shitty lyrics. About the repetitiveness, I didn't know what else to put in it and that's why it's called hip hop loop 2 and not a real name so people know it's a loop and not a full repetitive song. But i do think Money in my Sock has a nice ring to it, haha.


This is fresh man, but I'd say you could make it a lil longer and add a lot more substance to it, maybe 3 minutes with a few more instruments thrown in.

Flash-MX responds:

Hey thanks for the review! I woula've put the whole song up but its a little big for one upload; the song does continue with maybe on or two movements depends, I will try and add some new instruments though, a cello maybe?

Thanks again!


The bass wasn't to strong but thanks to my beastly sound system and eq mixer I made the bass thump :3



the beginning

i thought i was in for a supa hot track but the rest of the song ruined it.


I swear to god some parts remind me of the Sims. That's not a good thing lol.

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y would u wanna kno?


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