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2008-04-03 01:24:22 by AfroShine

school is gay, I jus got da crap kicked outta me by the old man lol. I hate my teachers, i been gettin mad referrals and still doin kinda bad in school. But I no longer care, i think that weed is gettin to me.


2008-03-09 16:01:10 by AfroShine

I'm failing mad shit, so I may be grounded fr a few weeks till I get my grades up, which means everything I'm doing will be put on hold, and yea I'm not out of high school yet, so it can happen.

School of Beats

2008-02-22 20:10:11 by AfroShine

School of Beats. They're a good hip hop group, check them out. Their myspace is: sic

I don't worry about 0 bombers anymore, I look at what the people that actually take the time review your music have to say. I mean, would you listen to 1000 noobs that say your music is crap or 10 experts that say your music is the shit?

equipment upgrade.

2008-01-28 14:39:16 by AfroShine

at the end of the week I'll be getting a halfway decent keyboard, finally. My current one is missing half the keys because my lil sis broke em off. I'll really be able to make some hot shit after I get that.


2008-01-27 21:24:54 by AfroShine

I swear, people keep zero bombing my submissions, it pisses me off. People get jealous because a few of my songs managed to make it to the top of the list with about 50 votes(because I just owned their submissions), so they try to knock it down. All I wanna say is STAY OUT OF THE AUDIO PORTAL.

"0' bombers

2008-01-08 15:32:39 by AfroShine

Go to hell 0 bombers. Seriously, you have no life, go suck a penis.

"0' bombers