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"0' bombers

2008-01-08 15:32:39 by AfroShine

Go to hell 0 bombers. Seriously, you have no life, go suck a penis.

"0' bombers


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2008-01-23 20:32:06

god damn someone bombed my submission "as time leaves me behind". FUCK YOU.


2008-01-25 22:02:49

then i just ate you.

AfroShine responds:



2008-01-27 17:17:41

Keep in mind, the average age for most of the users on Newgrounds is around 13, so if it "tite" or isnt about "nartoes, ninjas, and super tUff Goku darrgon ballz" then they are gonna 0 bomb it. The other people 0 bombing audio submissions are people that are jealous that your song is better than their midi songs with crappy FL studio loops and presets thrown throughout their song.

AfroShine responds:

damn, I reckon you are right.